Gail Anne Howard

Growing up in a very old farmhouse in rural England, leaving art school for a bit of traveling around Europe, I eventually lived Germany for many years, before moving to Amsterdam in 2009.

Always in touch with the outdoors and fascinated by history, I’ve also become a lover of the vibrancy and bustle of city life. The street cafés and terraces in sunshine full of people lost in their own intimate moments, warmly lit rooms in the houses in the dark months. Nature in the city, trees, parks and the green that residents plant on their doorsteps speak to me, as reminders of a need for connection to nature, to living things.

When sketching outdoors, in the moment, enjoying the play of light and shade, and interesting textures I try to recreate the depth and the feeling of the place and moment.

A love for travel has stayed with me and my wish is to continue to take my sketchbook on journeys to many more new places.

While I’m here, I occasionally organize drawing events, run life drawing groups and sketch with friends for fun.

Painting is my great passion, you can commission me for animal and human portraits and I’m also open for illustration work and wall murals,  if you are interested in me producing something for you, mail me: